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  • How to download videos from TikTok?

    A lot of you know about TikTok by now. It’s a video sharing service that allows you to upload your short videos, edit them and share it with your friends and followers. TikTok has been a very popular app for the last year or two.

    Sometimes you come upon a video that is really nice and funny and you’d like to download it. How would you do it? Well, it’s really simple once you come by a service that allows you to download any TikTok video. It’d be nice if this service was free to use, convenient and fast. Luckily I know of such a service: Download TikTok Video

    Just go to this TikTok downloader and paste a link to a video. After that hit that “Download” button. Your download should start in a few seconds. Here’s hot the download interface looks like:

    TikTok Video Download

    As you can see with this TikTok Downloader it is now extremely easy to download TikTok videos on your PC, Mac or mobile device, such as iPhone or Android.

    Well, there you have it folks - now you know what to do if you want to save a tiktok video! Just make sure the author of this video is OK with you downloading and keeping it. It’s tier hard work. Maybe it’s often isn’t that hard of a work, but a work non the less and the author should be credited for it!

  • Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite hands-on

    Samsung has announced two new Galaxy phones: the S10 Lite and the Note 10 Lite. “S “and” note “in Samsung language usually mean” really high-end.” These two phones are not the same thing. After spending half an hour studying both of them, I can understand why Samsung made them. But I’m still deeply confused about some of the Samsung decisions made here.

  • 360Hz Gaming Monitor

    Great monitor and the high refresh rate is great in fast paced games. The only issue is the ugly stand which is rather large and does take up a lot of desk space, plus the vesa mount on the back is quite recessed so you have to use long screws and spacers to enable attachment of the bracket. Mine also came with no UK plug, if the monitor performance wasn’t really good I would be unhappy but it works great.

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